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I'd Rather Laugh: How to Be Happy Even When Life Has Other Plans for You, Linda Richman, Warner Books, New York, January 2001, 9 1/4" height X 6 1/4" width, white boards hardcover with dust jacket, 223 pages. First Edition, First Printing (Stated). Foreword by Rosie O'Donnell.

Improvised Munitions Handbook, Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 31-210, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC, 1969, 8 1/2" height X 5 1/2" width, 251 pages, softcover. Illustrated.

An Introduction to Scientific Guitar Design, Donald Brosnac, The Bold Strummer, New York, May 1978, 10 7/8" height X 8 3/8" width, softcover, 104 pages. First Edition, First Printing (Stated).

The Key to the Universe: a Report on the New Physics, Nigel Calder, Viking Press, New York, January 1979, 10 1/4" height X 7 3/4" width, hardcover with glossy, pictorial dust jacket, 199 pages. Fourth Printing.

Man In the Modern World, Supplement to the Novosti Press Agency Almanac Soviet Science and Technology, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, Moscow, 1988, 7 1/2" X 5" width, 80 pages, softcover. Illustrated with full page black & white photographs and drawings. 1st Edition. Prominent Soviet philosophers at a round-table discussion organised by the Novosti Press Agency and the Institute of Philosophy of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Attending contributors are Academician Theodore Oizerman, Corresponding Members of the USSR Academy of Sciences Vladimir Mshvenieradze and Nikolai Lapin, Doctor of Philosophy Boris Grigoryan and Doctor of Philology Pavel Gurevich.

Man on the Flying Trapeze: The Life and Times of W.C. Fields, Simon Louvish, W.W. Norton, New York, 1997, 564 pages, indexed with appendices. 9 1/2" height X 6 1/2" width. Red and black boards hardcover with dust jacket. 39 listed illustrations. (Stated) First American edition; 2nd printing.

Manacles of the World: A Collector's Guide to International Handcuffs, Leg Irons & Other Miscellaneous Shackles & Restraints, T. L. Gross, privately published, St. Louis, MO, 1997, 11 " height X 8 1/2" width, 162 pages, softcover. First Printing, First Edition (May 1997). Over 170 photographs & illustrations. The seminal title on the topic.

Manuscript Said to be Handwriting of William Shakespeare Identified as Penmanship of Another Person: Mystery of "Sir Thomas More" Document Unravelled: An Entirely New Phase of the Bacon-Shakespeare Controversy, Edwin J. Des Moineaux, privately published, Los Angeles, 1924, 9 1/2" height X 6 1/4" width, unpaginated but 40 pages all-in, softcover wraps. First Printing.

Medicines Like Granddad Used to Make, Kurt Saxon, Atlan Formularies, Harrison, Arkansas, 1976, 14 3/4" height X 11" width, 192 pages, softcover. First Edition. Illustrated. (Shown is a partial image of the cover, which overall exceeds the size of the scanner bed.)

Missa Luba, Mass in Congolese style for mixed chorus with tenor soloist and percussion, English and Latin texts. Arranged by Father Guido Haazen, Lawson-Gould Music Publishers, Inc., New York. Copyright © 1964 by N. V. Primavera S.A., Brussels. Assigned to MRC Music, Inc., Chicago. 10 1/2" height by 7" width, softcover, 56 pages. Missa Luba comprises five parts: "Kyrie"; "Gloria"; "Credo"; "Sanctus", the theme from the 1968 Lindsay Anderson film, If...., starring Malcolm McDowell; "Agnus Dei".

Mr Tompkins in Paperback, George Gamow, Cambridge University Press, London and New York, 1965, 8 " height X 5 1/4" width, 186 pages, softcover. First Edition. Illustrated by the author and John Hookham. The inside front cover bears the signature of the previous owner, Henry Stern -- brother of famous jazz guitarist Michael Philip Sedgwick "Mike" Stern and son of the late Philip Stern, writer, philanthropist and heir to the Sears fortune.

The Nation's Pictures, Anthony Blunt & Margaret Whinney, Editors, Chatto and Windus, London, 1950, 8 3/8" height X 5 1/2" width, beige boards hardcover with dust jacket, 307 pages. First Edition. A guide to the chief national and municipal picture galleries of England, Scotland and Wales. Profusely illustrated. Anthony Frederick Blunt (1907-1983) was both a British art historian and a Soviet spy. He served as an agent of MI5, the British Office of Counter Intelligence (comparable to the American FBI), of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service (comparable to the American CIA), and of the KGB, the Russian Secret Intelligence Service (incomparable), successor to the NKVD. In 1945, Blunt was appointed Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures. In 1956, he was awarded a knighthood. He best will be remembered as the mastermind and ringleader of The Cambridge Spies, comprising himself, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and Kim Philby.

The New Genetics, Leon Jaroff, The Grand Rounds Press, Whittle Direct Books, Knoxville, TN, 1991, 10 1/4" height X 7 1/4" width, 74 pages. First Edition. Black boards with white lettering hardcover, with dust jacket. The human genome project and its impact on the practice of medicine. Illustrated, including advertisements for Mead Johnson Nutritionals. Together with a letter from John M. Bullock, Vice President, General Manager, Mead Johnson Nutritionals, stating The New Genetics "explores the potential of modern genetic engineering and its increasing role in healthcare," and is the first book in a three-volume series.

Nova: Adventures in Science, WGBH Boston, Addison-Wesley, Boston, September 1982, 10 " height X 8 1/8" width, 288 pages. Glossy softcover. First Edition, First Printing. Illustrated.

Pharmacognosy and Pharmacobiotechnology, James E. Robbers, Marilyn K. Speedie and Varro E. Tyler, Williams & Wilkins/Lea & Febiger, Baltimore, 1996, 10 1/4" height X 7 1/8" width, 337 pages. Glossy boards hardcover, no dust jacket (as issued). First Edition, First Printing. Illustrated. This book succeeded and replaced the classic, standard textbook on botanical pharmacy, Pharmacognosy.

Physics for Dummies, Steven Holzner, PhD, Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, 2006, 9 1/4" height X 7 3/8" width, 368 pages. Glossy softcover. First Edition, First Printing. Illustrated.

Pioneers in the Settlement of America: From Florida in 1510 to California in 1849, Two Volumes, William A[ugustus, 1819 - 1906] Crafts, Samuel Walker and Company, Boston, 11 1/2" height X 9" width, leather bound hardcover. Volume I, 500 pages (495 plus index), 1876. Volume II, 412 pages (407 plus index), 1877. First Edition. Elegantly illustrated under the supervision of George T. Andrew, from original designs by F.O.C. Darley, Wm. L. Shepard, Granville Perkins, etc. (The artists are listed in E. Benezit.) Numerous full-page illustrations Hors Texte, versos blank and tissue-covered. All edges gilt. Spines with five raised bands each. Embossed gilt decorative stamped binding. An impressive, important Centennial work, not to mention very heavy.

The Poor Man's James Bond, Kurt Saxon, Atlan Formularies, Harrison, Arkansas and Limited Editions, Crystal Lake, Illinois, and distributed by M&M Enterprises, Island Lake, Illinois, 1972, 14" height X 11" width, 146 pages, softcover. First Edition. Illustrated. (Shown is a partial image of the cover, which overall exceeds the size of the scanner bed.)

The Poor Man's James Bond Vol. 1, Kurt Saxon, Atlan Formularies, Harrison, Arkansas, 11" height X 7 1/2" width, 477 pages, softcover. Illustrated. The stated "Copyright © 1972" refers to the original The Poor Man's James Bond. This book, whilst still a 1st edition in its own right, is a compilation of some dozen works, including the "Original Poor Man's James Bond, Revised, Corrected, Enlarged", and dates to the late 1970s. Saxon's first non-elephantine sized published work.

The Prisoner, Dave Rogers, Barnes & Noble Books, New York, 1995, 11 1/4" height X 8" width, 123 pages. Glossy photographic harcover, no dust jacket (as issued). The authorised history of the adventures of No. 6. A scene-by-scene, word-by-word account of every episode of the cult TV series. Endorsed by Six of One, The Prisoner Appreciation Society. Based on the official archives. Illustrated throughout. Detailed and comprehensive. Be seeing you...

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