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The Secret Places Of the Heart, Herbert George (H. G.) Wells, The Macmillan Company, New York, May 1922, 7 3/4" height X 5 1/4" width, red cloth boards hardcover, no dust jacket, 287 pages. First Edition. Amongst Wells's best, if not best known, novels.

Successful Scriptwriting, Jurgen Wolff & Kerry Cox, Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati, OH, 1988, 9 1/4" height X 6 1/4" width, 361 pages, grey boards hardcover, with dust jacket. First Edition. How to write and pitch winning scripts for movies, sitcoms, soaps, serials, and variety shows.

Talking of Tea, Gervas Huxley, John Wagner & Sons, Ivyland, PA, 1956, 8 2/4" height X 5 1/2" width, 104 pages. Orange cloth boards with gilt lettering hardcover, with dust jacket. Illustrated "with drawings by Acanthus". First Edition. Here is the whole fascinating story of tea, told by the cousin of the renowned writer Aldous Huxley and the grandson of the famed biologist Thomas Henry Huxley, and published by the prominent American tea company and merchants, John Wagner & Sons (also the first company in the United States to offer flavoured tea).

Theatre Royal, Covent-Garden, four 19th Century Georgian broadsides/playbills, three of them chronicling the career of the famed Kemble family. Each professionally framed under glass, with high quality matting and backing. (Note: Some of the sheets exceed the size of the scanner bed, making the images partial. The images also appear somewhat darker than they actually are.) SATURDAY, July 2, 1814. Frame size 10" width X 14" height; page size 6 3/4" width X 10 3/4" height. Lord of the Manor. Reference to William Shakespeare's First Part of King Henry IV. THURSDAY, February 1, 1816. Frame size 11" width X 15 3/8" height; page size 7" width X 11 3/4" height. Isabella; Or, The Fatal Marriage, with Mr. C. [Charles] Kemble. Reference to William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Measure for Measure. FRIDAY, Dec. 18, 1829. Frame size 10 1/4" width X 16" height; page size 7 1/2" width X 13" height. Venice Preserved, with Charles Kemble and Miss Fanny Kemble. Reference to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with Juliet by Miss Fanny Kemble. MONDAY, Feb. 22, 1830. Frame size 10" width X 16" height; page size 7 1/8" width X 13" height. The Grecian Daughter, with Mr. C. Kemble and Miss Fanny Kemble.

Trading With the Enemy, Charles Higham, Delacorte Press, New York, 1983, 9 1/4" height X 6 1/4" width, hardcover with dust jacket, 277 pages. Stated First Printing. An exposť of the Nazi-American money plot 1933-1949.

Two Component High Explosive Mixtures and Improvised Shaped Charges. Two military manuals in one volume. Each section 32 pages with four chapters. 8 1/2" height X 5 1/2" width, 64 pages, softcover. Illustrated.

Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques: Incendiaries, Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 31-201-1, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC, May 1966, 8 1/2" height X 5 1/2" width, 155 pages, softcover. Illustrated.

Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques: References, Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 31-200-1, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC, April 1966, 8 1/2" height X 5 1/2" width, 234 pages, softcover. Illustrated.

The Vicar of Wakefield, Oliver Goldsmith, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham, George G. Harrap & Company, Ltd., London, 1929. First Edition Thus. 10 1/4" height X 7 3/4" width. Blue cloth boards hardcover with gilt stamped front and spine. Top edges gilt, bottom and fore edges deckled. 232 pages. 12 full page colour plates, Hors Texte, versos blank, and numerous black & white illustrations.

W.C. Fields: His Follies and Fortunes, Robert Lewis Taylor, Doubleday & Company, Garden City, New York, 1949, 8 3/4" height X 6 " width, 340 pages. 24 black & white illustrations. Red cloth boards hardcover, fore edges deckled, dust jacket. Stated First Edition.

W.C. Fields & Me, Carlotta Monti with Cy Rice, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey, 1971, 9 1/4" height X 6 1/4" width, 227 pages, indexed. Two 8-page sections of black & white photographic illustrations. Mustard cloth boards hardcover, dust jacket. First Edition. Together with a 2-page publisher's publicity release.

White Cloud/Lakota Spirit, Cecelia Ferretti Brownlow & Leslie S. Wilner, DVM, Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, NM, 1993, 8 1/2" height X 5 1/2" width, 94 pages, softcover. Stated First Edition. Signed and inscribed by Dr Wilner.

Zionism: Preaching and Practice, Yuri Andreyev, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, Moscow, 1988, 7 1/2" height X 5" width, 64 pages, softcover. 1st Edition. The Introduction begins, "Zionism... Today's political vocabulary hardly contains another term having so many different and contradictory interpretations." This is a relatively objective, balanced book, concluding with the sentence, "The Jews in Israel and the Diaspora, along with all the world's peoples, face various economic, political and cultural questions on whose solution depends their own well-being, an improved international climate (which includes the resolution of the unjustifiably long-standing Middle East conflict), and the creation of the kind of conditions that will bring prosperity to the entire international community."

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